CIBI everyday glass

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飲む時間を楽しくさせる日常使いのeveryday glassです。

グラスサイズ:H86 × W38 × Φ57 mm
ボックスサイズ:W18 × H90 × D90 mm

Elegant simplicity
“In creating this glass, I started with the key words ‘family’ and ‘joy’, a glass everyone can use everyday for any drink. It’s for kids and adults alike, designed to enjoy sipping from, as well as pouring your drink into. I like the human interaction of giving and receiving that comes naturally in pouring a drink, and the way the glass encourages people to pour for each other - a gesture of hospitality in Japanese culture.
For all of us at CIBI, it is a first small CIBI step to design and sell our own glass. I hope you enjoy it with every sip.”

The Function: a true all-purpose glass
The CIBI #1 is a universal glass that will add to the enjoyment of any drink. We use this glass for serving beer, sake, wine and other spirits, as well as for water, juice, and iced tea. Our everyday glass is about taking your time and enjoying the moment. It engages your senses in the act of drinking, nicely balanced in the hand, and appealing to both aromas on the nose and flavours on the palate.

We hope you will enjoy many special moments with this glass, and look forward to it being the first in a CIBI family of glasses and custom products.

【How to care for Everyday glass】

To Wash
Wash gently by hand in warm/cold soapy water with a cloth or soft sponge, and gently dry. Never twist the glass while washing it. Never use scourers, steel wool, brushes or abrasive materials that may scratch or damage the glass. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

To Use
Sudden changes in temperature, especially rapid cooling, may break the glasses. Please do not pour cold liquids into the glasses while they are still hot, or leave hot glasses on a wet spot. Never use in a microwave or oven. Crystal glasses are NOT heat-resistant glass or tempered glass, so please treat them gently.

To Store
After washing, please dry glasses well and store. Do not stack glasses as it may damage the glasses. If you don’t use the glasses for an extended period, the glass may loose its sparkle. To restore it, wash in water with a splash of vinegar. Store glasses in a dark place.

Thin 0.8mm
H86mm W38mm / 140ml